Order of Training

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The training organized in our doctoral school consists of 6 semesters. During this time students are required to obtain 180 credits to complete their studies.

All courses are worth 6 credits. By completing these courses, PhD students may acquire a maximum of 108 credits, but are obliged to obtain a minimum of 84. These obligatory credits are to be acquired by completing a number of required courses, and 2 optional courses relevant to the students' original researches. Most of the core courses are included in 3 modules. These are the 4-course Historiography, the 2-course Foreign Language Literature and Terminology, and the 4-course Tutorial module designed specially for the student's individual research (consultations with the supervisors and referrals). In addition to these compulsory modules, there is one, also required, Historical Philosophy and one skill development course. Along with the 12 required and 2 optional courses, the PhD students may choose as many subjects as they please, depending on their time and interests, but only four of these can be converted into credits (up to the sum of 24). Teachers assess the performance of the students on a 1-to-5 scale. Students graded 1 fail the course and cannot be given any credits for it.

Students are expected to complete the required courses according to the proposed curriculum, but in some cases the leader of the Doctoral School may consider making exceptions. The time of enrolling in any other courses depend on the student and the current course offer. The main principle of the training is that the student should complete all the required and optional courses in the first 4 semesters, and in the remaining time the student's effort should focus on the writing of the doctoral dissertation. The goal is to complete at least a part (but if possible, the most) of the dissertation to the end of the 3-year training. The scheduling and the well-proportioned completion of the work is guided by a supervisor, through a series of consultations and discussions, starting in the 3rd semester.

The remaining credits are to be obtained through researching and teaching activities.

Structure of the courses

Schedule of the courses (broken down by semesters)

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