Programs in English

Utolsó módosítás: 2015. november 25.

The Institute of History offers both BA and MA programs for applicants. Most of the courses are small, focused seminars beyond the introductory level that encourage intensive interaction, critical thinking, research, systematic analysis of primary documents and construction of individual arguments. These classes are designed to cultivate all skills specific to historians like reading papers critically and analytically, locating and evaluating a wide range of primary sources, reasoning carefully from evidence, writing an essay clearly and cogently, comparing past and contemporary societies, polities and cultures, conducting interdisciplinary researchers and understanding the historical origins of contemporary life. The MA major will be prepared for entry into PhD programs in history or providing graduates with a history teacher's degree.

The classes in English are recommended to both BA and MA students. In your classes you will discuss questions such as: What were the major features of 20th century dictatorships? What were the origins of national-socialism and who were considered to be inspirational for the young Adolf Hitler? How did Joseph Stalin eliminate his rivals in the communist party? How was the life in the Gulags? Finding answers to such questions, train you to organize an argument by assessing complex data and enable you to get a better understating about history

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