Institute member received István Hahn Award

Utolsó módosítás: 2018. január 22.

The Non Omnis Moriar Foundation opened a competition the fifth time in 2016 to commemorate late classicist István Hahn (1913–1984). The founders biannually intend to assist a postgraduate scholar or teacher of antiquity below the age of 35 to organize an abroad study tour for their professional development.

This year the István Hahn Award was given to Dr Dániel Bajnok, senior lecturer of the Department of History (Eszterházy Károly College) and fellow of the Research Group of Ancient History (Hungarian Academy of Sciences – ELTE University) on 6th April. The prize winner briefly outlined his current research on Athenian history and on the oratory of Aeschines. Congratulations!

Photo: ELTE Ókortörténeti Tanszék

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