Preparing Workshop of ISHA

Utolsó módosítás: 2017. január 18.

The local section of the International Students of History Association held its Preparing Workshop in Eger between 4th and 6th of March.

The International Students of History Association (ISHA) is a non-governmental organization of students of history. Our goals are to facilitate communication and provide a platform of exchange for students of history and related sciences on an international level. ISHA believes that international perspectives constitute an important part of every student's education. Membership is open for students (from undergraduates to PhD candidates) from all disciplines and backgrounds with an interest in history.

This Preparing Workshop was an opportunity for students to hold their presentations which will be presented at the Annual Conference in Canterbury. This conference organized by ISHA Kent will take place from the 28th of March to the 2nd of April 2016, and the its theme will be 'Sensing the Past'.
Several Hungarian students are going to participate not just from Eger but from Budapest also, so the two sections held the Preparing Workshop together. The well-prepared young historians from the Eötvös Loránd University, the Central European University and our institution gave interesting presentations about different topics, for example about the concept of happiness by the 13th-century philosopher Boethius of Dacia, early modern Hungarian gastronomy and the importance of public sphere in relation to the Szabadság (Liberty) square in Budapest.
After the academic program, the participants took a thematic tour on Saturday in the city center, concentrating on the heritage of the minorities of the town. The local members also organized a field trip to a Romanesque abbey in a nearby village. The participants spent a fantastic night in a traditional Turkish restaurant.

ISHA Eger hopes that more and more students will join the section and will participate not just in the local or regional events but in the international ones as well. This organization gives a special chance for the students of history to get to abroad and experience the international atmosphere of such events.
A note from a guest from ISHA Budapest: despite being a very young section, ISHA Eger showed signs of professionalism and enthusiasm of a very respectable kind. These traits made our Preparing Workshop very successful and thought-provoking. The hospitality of the locals was also worthy of mentioning as they offered new things even for those who have attended Eger before. Academic preparedness and fun, self-confidence and friendliness – that is the very spirit of ISHA that can be found in the collective heart of the Eger section!

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